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PaperJays is The Best Online Smoke Shop For Quality Smoking Accessories

PaperJays serves up the best brands available for all your smoking needs.

Why It All Started

Sick of not getting the most out of your smoking sessions? PaperJays has your back. Dedicated to giving you the best shopping experience, PaperJays was launched as a traditional smoke shop in a convenient online format in 2020. 

On a mission to bring you the best brands in the smoking industry in one location, every product is thoroughly vetted and personally tested to ensure your total satisfaction.

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A Superior Online Shopping Experience

Nothing is worse than buying a water pipe or rolling papers online and not knowing when you’ll get it. That’s where we’re different.

We work tirelessly to ship your order within 1 day, but guarantee it shipped out within 48 hours. Ensuring you don’t have to wait for your order is important to us. You can trust us to make sure your online shopping experience is fantastic from start to finish.

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Every Product You Want In One Spot

At PaperJays, we carry the absolute best traditional smoke shop product selection, including water
pipes, rolling papers, wraps, and much more.

Want something else?

We also have unique product variations and specialty items.

From Juicy Jays to raw papers to Cyclone Cones, our one-stop smoke shop has what you need for the
best smoking experience.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to delivering the best products in the industry at unbeatable prices.

Our products allow you to enjoy what you love the most without breaking the bank. We deliver quality
products in a timely matter.

Enjoy your next smoking session without worrying about how much it’s costing you when you shop at

Why Our Customers Choose To Shop at PaperJays

Creating an enjoyable online shopping experience is our number one focus. We know what it’s like to be on the other side of the keyboard trying to find the right smoke products. It can be hit or miss. That’s why we’re trying to change the process. To do that, we know it starts with our team.

We create a safe and inclusive work environment for our team. That means listening to both their ideas and concerns equally. Their dedication to our business ensures we can confidently stand behind our products.

Where You Can Find PaperJays Products

Not only do we have our little corner of the web here via our online smoke shop, but we also take up
real estate on sites like Etsy and eBay. You can find our smoker-vetted product selection via all three of these spots online.

With great products, exceptional quality, and fast shipping, we make shopping with us an incredible

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