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If you want the rich history and flavors that come with wraps then you will not be disappointed with what we have.
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Rolling Papers

We have a wide range of rolling paper sizes flavors and materials that are sure to delight you.
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Looking for something colorful, unique, or something crazy we got it.
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We have a wide variety of brands and sizes of pre-rolled cones to fit any occasion or vibe.
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Never worry about not being able to spark it up with our selection of lighters and torches.
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The highest quality smoking materials to ensure you have a pleasurable experience.


Qualtiy Products

We refuse to sell mediocre products that will end up in landfills and rather provide only the finest products that will last for years of joy.


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We ship out within 48 hours for all our packages but will strive to ship out the same day if possible.


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We could tell you that we were the best and give you a generic response. Instead, you should hear what our incredible community has to say about us. Such platforms as Etsy, eBay, Amazon

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If you’re new to the game you can’t go wrong with any of these.

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Our newest products are sure to wow you on this fantastic day.


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